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Forgotten Childhood Friends

Forgotten Childhood Friends

Forgotten, they sit in rows,
With identical friends,
Names no more.
Identity taken,
Abandoned and lost.
Something that use to be priceless,
No matter the cost.

Faces round and plump with that button nose,
But fur is now matted and stained.
Eyes are sightless, now black and clouded,
As memories fade as time moves forward.
A little girl smiles and holds the hand of her friend,
But they are lifeless, a mere puppet for humans to bend.
They used to have thoughts, they used to have words.
If they could protest and once again speak,
Would their cries to reach us be achieved?

As she grows we grow with her to,
But we do not become new like humans do.
We become old and collect dust,
Because we are important no more.
No, our friend has now moved on,
Found a lover who she can rely upon.
We once believed we could sing and dance,
With a heart sewn with a gentle seam,
Which now it frays with our faulty dreams.
Because our heart is not shared with another,
Because that one has been stolen by a human who is much stronger.

Our only hope is to be handed down.
But our children are becoming obsessed with technology now.
Not the toys,
The ones that brought the older generation so much joy.
So as society develops, we lose our self-worth.
An illusion of nostalgia is our faith,
We used to be cared for and kept safe.
But no child holds that bond no more,
Because we now have flaws.

Faces round and plump now scratched,
One eye lost amongst the scrap.
An imprint left where once there was a button nose,
Those brave little teddies that fought our foes,
Saved us from the monsters under the bed,
But now they lose stuffing from their necks.

We humans forget,
Forget the suffering of our belongings,
When they are left.